Work As A Music Teacher At Crawford International School in South Africa

Work As A Music Teacher At Crawford International

  • DEADLINE: 05 July 2024
  • SALARY/STIPEND: Not Specified
  • DURATION: Not Specified
  • LOCATION: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


The ADvTECH Schools Division leads the private sector in the field of education, contributing meaningfully towards the sustainable development of human capacity in South Africa.

Key Purpose Statement

  • To establish and further extend students’ basic foundations and to guide them toward developing abstract thought and successfully completing independent work across all the areas of their various curricula.
  • To build and maintain relationships with students, parents and colleagues to foster positive interaction and promote student retention.
  • To implement and maintain a diverse and inclusive learning environment and culture that embraces future-focused education. One in which students are motivated, inspired and challenged. Uses a range of relevant and recognised approaches to maximise the personal, physical and emotional development of every student in a safe and holistic environment.
  • To demonstrate strength of character, integrity and professionalism at all times. To communicate and collaborate with all members of the learning community in a positive, respectful, and open-minded way.
  • To continually undertake personal inquiry, reflection and action to inform their practice and understanding of teaching and learning and remain abreast of global education trends.

Principal Accountabilities

Academic Delivery (40%)

  • Keeps abreast of future focussed educational trends in the Intersen Phase, academics intentionally incorporating them into teaching and learning practices aligned with Crawford Pillars
  • Implements the school curriculum and other teaching strategies in planning for challenging, engaging, inspiring, relevant and differentiated learning locally and globally
  • Plans, prepares and delivers lesson to meet the needs of individuals or groups of students to enable them to progress incrementally as part of personalised learning journey
  • Enriches teaching and learning by including frequent use of technology and additional learning resources as well as engaging and stimulating teaching practices.
  • Prepares and/or ensures classrooms are appropriately set up in accordance with lesson plans and 21ST Century learning practices aligned with future focused skills.
  • Ensures effective academic and emotional support to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Collaborates, plans , liaises and reflects with different members of the learning community.
  • Assist with additional offerings, duties, extra-murals and events taking place at the school
  • Participates in, embeds and applies professional development tools, strategies and pedagogical approaches.
  • Shows an ongoing commitment to “lifelong learning” and remains informed on current relevant practice and is readily available to attend appropriate development/training.

Academic Assessment and Reporting (20%)

  • Assesses and records students progress continuously and systematically and keeps records up to date in a mark book/ personal file, STASY, forming an in depth knowledge of each student in the class.
  • Meets academic standards as defined by Central Academics and Crawford International Academic strategy.
  • Assesses and monitors student performance and progress, using data driven decision making and defines next steps in the personalised learning journey. Integrates this information into future planning.
  • Undertakes, teaching and learning assessment of students as required by Academics Department as well as Crawford International assessment expectations.
  • Completes various reports for parents, Principals and/or Academics Department throughout the year (STASY, Inquiry Units, Other)
  • Participates in the moderation and standardisation process, of formal assessments. Participate in team marking, clusters and IEB moderation as required.

Student Behaviour Management (10%)

  • Manages student behaviour in the classroom by establishing rules, essential agreements and procedures as expected behaviours.
  • Promotes personal, social, physical and emotional well-being of individual students, groups of students, through mentorship program.
  • Provides guidance and advice to students and parents.
  • Identifies students who may have barriers to learning and inform the appropriate people to initiate the next steps to support individual progress.
  • Provides information and contact details of experts who can further assist and provide support to students if all other avenues have been exhausted with little success.
  • Informs relevant staff and parents regarding the support being offered and the action plan to be followed.

School Brand Ambassadorship (10%)

  • Knows and demonstrates the Crawford International mission statement and embracing Crawford International DNA.
  • Acts as a role model with regard to work ethic, attitude and professionalism, Embracing the Crawford DNA
  • Continually contributes to the sustainability and effective operation and management of the school.
  • Assists with additional offerings, duties and extra murals, assemblies and other events taking place across Crawford International. Attends and supports a range of school activities and events.
  • Promotes the ethos of the school and Brand both internally and externally and is readily available to market the school at Open Days, exhibitions etc
  • Contributes to the professional development of new teachers and student teachers/ interns as required.
  • Submits articles for newsletters or School magazine/ yearbook, social media or other as requested.
  • Monitors student multiform and maintains agreed expectations with respect to the Crawford International code of conduct.

Administration (10%)

  • Adheres with the requirements of the timetable and ensures its effective implementation in their classes.
  • Plans for excursions by obtaining all the relevant approvals and liaises with service providers, as necessary.
  • Keeps and maintains the Crawford International learning space as dynamic learning environment.
  • Where applicable, conduct inventory activities of consumables and equipment to monitor usage and ensure availability as required. Repair and replacement
  • Advises Principal and management team if substitution is required and assists with substitution as requested.

Health & Safety (10%)

  • Actively observes and supervises children in playing and activity areas as appropriate.
  • Applies medical support , as a first-aid trained staff member, as prescribed or as/ when the medical condition/ situation requires action ensuring that any incidents are duly reported to Management and parents via the stipulated channels.
  • Observes and scrutinises the classroom and playing areas for dangerous / hazardous objects or circumstances, removes/ tapes off hazards where possible and immediately reports safety issues to the school leadership team.
  • Continuously creates awareness of personal safety and social issues amongst students,

Requirements for Eligibility


  • Demonstrated planning and organisation skills with superior detail orientation.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with excellent written and verbal abilities and professional presentation skills
  • A proven track record of managing professional relationships with maturity and high EQ
  • The incumbent must present themselves professionally and in alignment with the brand message.
  • Professional time management is a minimum requirement of the role.
  • Demonstrated evidence of the ability to think critically and problem solve appropriately.

It is expected that if Educators are interested in growing their management and leadership competence, they will become proficient in the following competencies:

  • Commercial Aptitude – Understanding the bigger picture and all the facets incorporated into leading a school.
  • Strategic Thinking – Ability to create strategic plans that sets the school up for a sustainable future.
  • Execution – Understanding how to translate strategic plans into day-to-day executable activities.
  • Customer Orientation – Patience and understanding of what parents and students want and need, and how best to facilitate these.
  • Collaborative Relationships – Respect for peers and the ability to build collaborative partnerships with other senior leaders, vendors, suppliers and customers.
  • Decision Making – Ability to make data-rich, informed decisions, and proactively taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.
  • Capability Building – Ability to coach and provide feedback and guidance. The ability to actively develop others and have difficult conversations as needed.
  • Performance Leadership – Unites people behind a strong vision and leads the team in executing on goals and achieving stretch objectives.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness – Aware of how their actions impact others’. Ability to influence others and build relationships 

Minimum Qualification

  • Degree (NQF level 6) and PGCE or B.Ed (Intermediate/ Intersen or Senior Phase or Foundation Phase)
  • Willingness to be a generalist rather than a specialist when teaching
  • Honours degree with specialisation in an educational sphere or subject specific area
  • IB PYP Training
  • Police Clearance
  • Valid SACE certificate
  • Valid Driver’s Licence

Desired Qualification

  • Strategies and tools to support delivery of Global Competencies, Inquiry-based Learning and Computer and Digital Literacy

Minimum Experience

  • 3-5 years Teaching Experience.
  • 1 year Teaching internship (at Principal’s discretion)
  • 1 September 2024

About Crawford International School

Crawford International School is an international school that provides your child with an academically progressive, innovative, and future-focused educational offering that is both locally and globally relevant. It does this through ongoing mentorship, ownership of voice and choice, and providing a personalised learning journey, ultimately giving them a Globally Competitive edge.

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