Work as a Miner General at a Leading Mine in South Africa

Work as a Miner General at a Leading Mine in South Africa

  • DEADLINE: 17 April 2024
  • SALARY/STIPEND: Not Specified
  • DURATION: Not Specified
  • LOCATION: Operating Segment Platinum Rustenburg, South Africa


  • SHE Supervision: • Maintain SHE standards within the work environment • Monitor compliance to SHE requirements in the work environment • Apply and comply to SHE standards in the work environment Quality Management System (QMS): • Comply with requirements of the Quality Management System Risk Assessments: • Participate in risk assessments and take appropriate action • Address workplace hazards and risks Task Analysis: • Conduct Task Analyses and take appropriate action to address identified risks Behavioural Based Safety: • Conduct Safety Behaviour Observations (SBO’s) SHEQ Investigations: • Participate in investigations into workplace incidents Cost Savings: • Identify cost saving and cash conservation opportunities • Safeguard company assets (fixed and working capital) Corporate Governance and Organisational Ethics: • Comply with legal requirements Mining Risk Management: • Identify and respond to Mining related risks Mining Supervision: • Monitor and control the Mining teams and processes • Provide effective problem solving support to the Mining teams Start of Day Preparation: • Check staffing figures at start of day and ensure that all Mining activities are adequately covered • Collect cap lamps, self rescuers, GDI’s and other necessary equipment Start of Shift Preparation: • Adhere to the Shaft schedule • Check material deliveries and allocate accordingly • Verify availability of underground services (air pressure, water, power, etc.) • Conduct start-of-shift Waiting Place procedures (Roll -call, team meeting, etc.) • Monitor and control Gang Cards • Sign-out the explosives key Entry Examination and Declaring Safe: • Conduct statutory examinations in the production section and daily entry examinations • Declare working area safe, prior to commencement of work activities Competent A (Underground Mining): • Determine velocity of air in a workplace by means of the tape method and take appropriate action • Determine environmental thermal conditions in an underground workplace by means of a whirling hygrometer and take appropriate action • Test for flammable gas in a mining environment by means of a hand held electronic instrument and take appropriate action • Make the workplace safe by means of barring
  • Monitor and control supporting of work area (temporary and permanent support) • Support an underground working place by means of: • temporary support units • elongated support units that are hydraulically stressed • packs • stope netting • rock bolts • backfilling (as required) • Assess poor quality support installations and take corrective actions Secondary Support: • Monitor and control supporting of work area (secondary support) • Assess poor quality support installations and take corrective actions SAFE & EFFECTIVE BLASTING PRACTICES: Marking: • Monitor and control face preparation team and process • Identify, demarcate, treat and remove misfires • Mark shot holes for primary and secondary blasting and support holes • Mark pre-conditioning blast holes Drilling: • Monitor and control face drilling team and process • Check that all holes are drilled to the correct depth and in the right direction Charging: • Monitor and control the charging team and process • Receive, handle, store and issue explosives and accessories at the workplace • Transport explosives from explosive containers to the workplace • Time and connect blast initiating systems Blasting: • Monitor and control blasting team and process • Conduct section clearance prior to blasting • Test the blast initiation system and confirm with the control room and connect to the blast initiation system • Conduct secondary blasting operations (as required) • Support and assist with blasting operations (blast guards, etc.) • Conduct face profiling and blast hole surveys (Check socket lengths and positions, over breaking, face advance, etc. and identify non-conformances) Removal of Brocken Rock (Cleaning & Sweeping): • Monitor and control cleaning and sweeping team and process • Make area safe prior to cleaning and sweeping • Determine the location of winches DEVELOPMENT: • Monitor and control Development team and activities Construction: • Monitor and control underground construction activities Ventilation Controls: • Monitor and control the installation and upgrading of the ventilation system TRAMMING: • Monitor and control Tramming activities Secondary Blasting: • Remove broken rock blockages by means of blasting Maintenance: • Monitor and control underground maintenance activities Housekeeping: • Monitor and control housekeeping team and processEnd of Shift Hand-Over: • Conduct end of shift Waiting Place procedures (close services, etc.) • Check that all clock cards have been issued and clear the shift at Waiting Place • Sign-in explosive key at end of shift • Hand in Gang Cards to HC Reporting: • Update Shift Communication Log book with shift activities completed, any problems and instructions that need to be addressed • Update the Miners Log Book

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Blasting certificate
  • Clear security screening record.
  • Grade 10 or equivalent
  • Blasting certificate
  • 2-3 years’ mining experience
  • Valid first aid certificate
  • Medically fit to work in the specific business area

About The Mine Company

Sibanye-Stillwater is a multinational mining and metals processing Group with a diverse portfolio of mining and processing operations and projects and investments across five continents.

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