The National School of Government (The NSG) is Hiring Two(2) Contact Centre Agents With An Annual Salary of R255 450 Plus Benefits

The National School of Government (The NSG) is Hiring Two(2) Contact Centre Agents With An Annual Salary of R255 450 Plus Benefits

  • DEADLINE: 31 May 2024
  • SALARY/STIPEND: Not Specified
  • DURATION: Not Specified
  • LOCATION: Pretoria, South Africa


Provide contact centre services through receipt of telephone calls, emails and faxes. Respond to all incoming communication and enquiries within stipulated timeframes and service standards. Provide professional and effective telephone services to handle tasks like call transfers, taking messages, call back, call hold, interruptions and unintentional disconnections. Use the most
appropriate way and proper telephone etiquette to communicate with different behaviour types on the telephone. Undertake follow up with clients where necessary. Capturing and record all contact centre interactions for reporting purposes. Furnishing of SBD and RFQ Forms. Maintain up to date knowledge of NSG products and new developments. Participate in product knowledge
training sessions. Liaise with relevant officials to gather information on products.

Promote product awareness to public sector organisations (national government, provincial government, local government and state-owned entities). Undertake requests by clients for quotations and bookings. Request the authorization of quotations and confirm bookings according to set time frames and in compliance with the standard prescripts. Create files and forward to management within the prescribed time frames. Prepare files for ETD events and link to calendar ID’s on Training Management System. Investigate clients’ complaints and resolve by providing regular feedback. Identify and escalate priority issues.

Attend to client requests (telephone, fax, email, walk-ins and referrals) and ensure enquiries logged are resolved within 3 working days. Capture learner requirements on ETQA system and ensure accurate completion of applications, including the required supporting documents. Provide guidance and recommendations to learners or prospective candidates and provide feedback on their application. Generate quotations according to the required norms and standards. Process invoice requests and submit for processing. Create files for confirmed courses and generate calendar ID and link to the relevant course event. Add course venue on the Training Management System by capturing client details. Maintain the NSG training calendar. Capture the list of learners on the enrolment system as provided by the client before commencement of the course.

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Requirements for Eligibility

A tertiary qualification at (NQF level 6) in Contact Centre Management, Office Administration or Business Administration. Experience: One (1) to two (2) years’ relevant experience in office administration in an ETD environment.
Competencies/Skills: Good verbal and written communication skills.

Proficient in relevant computer applications. Excellent interpersonal skills. Problem solving skills. Problem solving skills. Time management skills. Ability to work efficiently at all times. Questioning and listening skills to support telephone communication. Knowledge: Good knowledge of client relations (how to engage and relate to clients). Understanding of the public sector. Computer literacy (MS Office Suite, call logging and Training Management Systems). Reasonable expertise in the field of contact centre operations. Batho Pele principles. Personal attributes: Adaptability. Team player. Self-driven. Attention to detail.

Enquiries: Nthabiseng Fuma Tel No: (012) 441 6108

Applications: E-mail to [email protected] or hand deliver to ZK Mathews Building, 70 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria or post to The Principal: National School of Government, Private Bag X759, Pretoria, 0001.

About The National School of Government (The NSG)

The National School of Government (NSG) is mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that public servants comply with the provisions of established legislation, regulations and systems, and can exercise proper discretion and innovation in solving routine and complex delivery problems. To this end, the NSG is tasked with ensuring that all public servants’ participate and complete education, training and development initiatives, as per relevant legislation and Cabinet directives. The NSG is furthermore expected to ensure service delivery impact by supporting institutional performance. At a practical level, the mandate incorporates: (i) providing education and training, (ii) support institutional development, (iii) fostering collaboration, (iv) offering qualifications, and (v) conducting training, examinations or tests (pre-requisites). The mandate extends to providing all offerings in the three spheres of government, state-owned entities and other organs of state.

The National School of Government (NSG) draws its mandate from the Constitution, and with particular reference to 195(1) (h), which stipulates that: “good human resource management and career-development practices, to maximise human potential, must be cultivated”. The applicability of this, and the other values and principles to the three spheres of government, organs of state and public enterprises indicates the requisite depth and the reach of the NSG in order to fulfil this constitutional mandate.
The NSG has to ensure that all of the basic values and principles are inculcated into the value system and performance of all public servants and representatives through education, training and development (ETD) initiatives.

It does so through its curriculum design, development and delivery approach with the practical application of participatory, people-centred methodologies and indigenous techniques during the ETD initiatives, in building a caring ethos and citizen-centred service delivery focus amongst public servants. This approach consciously focuses on the application of the principles and values of the Constitution and the realisation of the public administrative justice to all whom NSG serves.

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