Fourteen(14) Social Worker Grade 1 Positions Earning R294 411 – R338 712 Per Annum at The Department of Community Safety, Gauteng Provincial Government

Fourteen(14) Social Worker Grade 1 Positions Earning R294 411 – R338 712 Per Annum at The Department of Community Safety, Gauteng Provincial Government

  • DEADLINE: 23 April 2024
  • SALARY/STIPEND: Not Specified
  • DURATION: Not Specified
  • LOCATION: Pretoria, South Africa


  • Render a social work service with regard to the care, support, protection and development of vulnerable individuals, groups, families and communities through the relevant programmes.
  • Attend to any other matters that could result in, or stem from, social instability in any form. This would include the following actions: Conduct assessments aimed at identifying conditions in individuals, groups, families and communities that justify relevant interventions.
  • Identify and make recommendations on the appropriate interventions required to address the identified conditions.
  • Develop, determine and plan programmes to render the recommended interventions efficiently, effectively and economically. Implement the recommended interventions by providing continuous support, counselling, client centred approaches to the affected individuals, groups, families and communities.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended interventions, report on progress and identify further/amended interventions to address the identified conditions.
  • Study, interpret, apply and give information on legislation and policies in the identified work fields to social auxiliary workers, volunteers and other role players/stakeholders.
  • Perform all the statutory functions applicable to the relevant function, compile court reports and attend to court enquiries and the other tasks emanating from the courts.
  • Produce and maintain records of social work interventions, processes and outcomes. Support social auxiliary workers and volunteers.
  • Keep up to date with new developments in the social work and social development fields. This would, inter alia, entail the following: Study professional journals and publications to ensure that cognisance is taken of new developments. Monitor and study the social services legal and policy framework continuously.
  • Liase/attend meetings with other departments and non-governmental institutions to take cognisance of the latest developments in the relevant fields. Undertake first level social work research and development.
  • Engage in continuous professional development activities as prescribed.
  • Perform all the administrative functions required of the job. It will be expected from the Social Workers Grade 4 to mentor and coach the Social Workers Grade 1 to enable them to render an effective and efficient social work service.

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Grade 12 and recognized Bachelor’s Degree (NQF 7) in Social Work/Social Sciences Degree.
  • Registration with the South African Council for Social Services Professions (SACSSP) as a social worker and proof of current registration with SACSSP.
  • 0 – 1 year working experience in the field of Social Work.
  • A valid code 8/10 driver’s license. No criminal record or any case pending against you.
  • Knowledge of Departmental policies and procedures, relevant public service regulations, Gauteng safety strategy, procedures, information system.
  • Knowledge and understanding of applicable and relevant legislations and policies in the field of Social Work including related legal and ethical practices, PFMA and Public Service Act and Regulations.
  • Knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and social systems and skills to intervene at the points where people interact with their environments to promote social well-being.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of all Social Work Methods.
  • Skills: Promote Social Justice and challenge structural sources of poverty, inequality, oppression, discrimination, and exclusion.
  • The ability and competence to assist, develop, advocate for, and empower individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to enhance their social functioning and their problem-solving capabilities.
  • The ability to promote, restore, maintain, advocate for and enhance the functioning of individuals, families, groups and communities by enabling them to accomplish tasks, prevent and alleviate distress and use resources effectively.
  • The understanding and ability to provide social work services towards protecting people who are vulnerable, at risk and unable to protect themselves.
  • The ability to mentor and coach Social Workers Grade 1. Ability to work independently and in a multi-disciplinary context. Good verbal and written communication skills, Counselling Skills, Planning and time management skills, organizing skills, Interpersonal skills and computer Literacy.
  • Analytic thinking, independent decision-making and problem-solving skills.

About The Department of Community Safety, Gauteng Provincial Government

The Gauteng Department of Community Safety is mandated by the constitution of the Republic to make Gauteng a place where people feel and are safe. The Department ensures the safety of communities through improving the quality of policing, deepening meaningful community participation, enhancing social crime prevention, fostering integrity, initiating and sustaining sound and supportive institutional arrangements, promoting pedestrian safety, intensifying traffic law enforcement, creating a safer road environment

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